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Suzy Metwalli

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 Suzy Metwalli

Suzy Metwalli

Elementary School Principal , Advanced Education, Egypt

Suzy Metwalli was born and raised in Australia. In 2002, Metwalli returned to Egypt with a focused eye on educational development. Her career celebrates 17 years in the field, 12 of which were served as a lower and upper elementary school teacher. Today, Metwalli continues to inspire young children as a Senior Leader at Advanced Education where she serves in her fifth year as the Elementary Principal at Advanced Education Schools. 

Her exceptional educational background has given her the chance to touch the lives of a multitude of students while developing generations of passionate educators. Metwalli’s unwavering compass in education is based on her firm belief that all students can learn if given a positive and encouraging learning environment, a committed and knowledgeable leader, and most importantly a supportive family. 

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