Ms. Suha Tutunji | Bett Middle East & Africa 2018

Ms. Suha Tutunji

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Ms. Suha Tutunji

Ms. Suha Tutunji

Academic Program Director , Jusoor Syria - Lebanon

Suha is the Academic Director of Jusoor Syria.  Jusoor is an NGO of Syrian expatriates helping Syrian youth realize their potential through programs in the fields of education, career development, and global community engagement. Jusoor is registered as a charity in each of the US, UK, and Canada, and is a non-political organization. 

 Over the past six years, Jusoor has enabled nearly 500 university students to complete their degrees around the world. We have enrolled 3,500 children in our primary schools, giving them the gift of a basic education. We have employed 75 refugees in our schools in Lebanon, safeguarding a key part of the Syrian labor force and investing in refugee communities.  And our entrepreneurship program, now in its third year, has trained and inspired nearly 1,000 Syrian youth.  By investing in these children and youth, we are preparing a generation of change agents to be able to return to Syria and play a role in rebuilding every sector of society, from healthcare to education to business to governmental institutions.  

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