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Mr. David Deeds

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Mr. David Deeds

Mr. David Deeds

Director of Information & Learning Technologies , Schutz American School – Egypt

David Deeds invested substantial time in the corporate world (computers, of course) before realizing his true calling is education. He's spent 17 years as a trainer and teacher, with an almost 50-50 split between higher and K-12 education. David has worked for schools in the USA, South Korea, Georgia, China, Mexico and Guatemala. He's currently the Director of Technology for Schutz American School in Alexandria, Egypt.


12:00 - 12:30 | Monday 23 April
Tech Talks

David has championed the adoption of Games-Based Learning (GBL) in a variety of educational environments, with very mixed results! He's going to provide some advice on what (and what not) to do if you wish to introduced GBL to your school. In the process, he'll explain basic concepts regarding the types and benefits of this exciting innovation.

Mr. David Deeds, Director of Information & Learning Technologies, Schutz American School – Egypt

Mr. David Deeds

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