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Mohammed Shouli

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 Mohammed Shouli

Mohammed Shouli

Head of E-Government Division, Queen Rania Center for Information and Education Technology , Ministry of Education, Jordan

Mohammad Shouli leads Jordan’s Ministry of Education’s e-Government initiatives. His work focuses on providing technical user-first solutions within government. Most recently, Mohammed has establishing Agile development methodologies within the MoE’s digital services delivery. 

Mohammad is responsible for quality management for the MoE’s Educational Strategic Plan. He serves as the Queen Rania Center’s representative for HM King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in Government. He also leads the MoE’s development team and is the CIO of the National e-Government Program, a joint initiative with Jordan’s Ministry of ICT. 

Mohammed holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Al Balqaa University, and various certifications in management and development from Microsoft, UNESCO and others.


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