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Dr. Fareed Al Amiri

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Dr. Fareed Al Amiri

Dr. Fareed Al Amiri

Director of Student Happiness Division , Department for Education and Knowledge (ADEK), UAE

Fareed demonstrated success in designing and delivering nationalization /capability building projects, organization excellence, knowledge management, and innovation management. Working in private, public, NGO, and academic institutions, he spent substantial time of his career at the University of Sharjah in order to link the university with different industries and therefore, transfer the knowledge through the research center and later in the center of continuing education and professional services. In addition, Fareed helped an evolving NGO organization (Arabic Science & Technology Foundation) to expand in the Arab world through linking potential commercialized research projects with Arab investors to be applied in the Arab World. 

Fareed gained extensive practical experience in developing capable workforce in Tawazun helping the organization to achieve their targets through tailored development programs. In addition, he participated in designing strategies for youth related entities such as Emirates Foundation and “Rubu Qarn” Foundation. He also was a co-founder of Khalifa Innovation Center; a joint venture incubator established by Mubadala, Tawazun, Khalifa University, and Khalifa Fund, aiming to support entrepreneurial ventures. Fareed have also experience in scholarship management as well as managing the performance of Higher Education Institutes through the department of Education and Knowledge in Abu Dhabi. Moreover, Fareed is a certified assessor where he was part of assessment team in the Abu Dhabi Excellence Award for Government Performance in the Knowledge Management category.  

Fareed published couple research papers in the field of knowledge-based economy, business incubations, future of education, and human resources development. Fareed earned his Doctoral Program (DBA) in UAEU, his research is addressing the success factors of business incubators and their role in the UAE. He is also a non-resident visiting consultant at the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government.

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