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 David Deeds

David Deeds

Director of Information and Learning Technologies , Schutz American School, Egypt

Dr. David W. Deeds squandered years in the corporate world (computers, of course!) before realizing that education is his true calling. Starting off as a college professor, he switched to K-12 schools a decade ago and has since fulfilled a variety of roles, including IT Director and Technology Integrator. David is a "regular" on the educational technology conference circuit: he's presented for ISTE, AACE and others...including Bett MEA. As of 2019, he'll be the IT Manager for Lincoln Community School in Accra, Ghana.

Using Virtual Worlds in K-12 Schools
​Everyone's talking about Virtual Reality...but not too many K-12 schools can afford the hardware to use it! Virtual Worlds have been around for almost 20 years, but to date it's mostly universities that have successfully implemented these amazing immersive learning environments...K-12 school personnel, for whatever reasons, remain intimidated. It's (relatively) easy to get started with Virtual Worlds...the software is affordable, even free...and yes, they'll run on your existing PCs. Dr. Deeds has presented on using VIrtual Worlds around the Real World. He'll cover how to set up a local or remote installation and then get you building and programming within minutes!

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