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 Amira Awaad

Amira Awaad

Academic Dean , Advanced Education, Egypt

Amira Awaad is an educator, academic dean, university instructor and writer who has been dedicated to the field of education for the past 18 years. She believes that the key to empowering any mind is encouraging exploration and recognizing positive, experiential innovation. Awaad is a firm believer in that academics are rooted in structure; standards, benchmarks, credit units and credit hours. 

She asserts that these are the pillars that talented teachers, heads of departments, and academic deans stand on when they mold the implementation of the educational structure and give it color, shape, sound and feeling. Her grounding element is a commanding drive to maintain and continually enhance the student-centered classroom. 

Awaad is often quoted to say, “I believe that knowledge is sought, and cannot be given. What I do give, are equal and equitable opportunities for each student to come to school and explore, innovate, and succeed in meeting their potentials.”

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