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Disruptive Technology: The Game-Changers

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Disruptive Technology: The Game-Changers

15:45 - 16:45 | Monday 23 April
| K-12 Stream
  • Innovation, K-12, Technology

VR, AR and MR are fast becoming the main disruptors of K-12 education. As this technology moves from novelty to an integral classroom tool, we examine the benefits of immersive learning and the global, cultural and historical experiences it can offer  

15.45 – 16.05 
Keynote: Transformation into the Future Classroom
As VR continues to build momentum across different platforms and within schools, it provides a wealth of opportunities for partnership throughout the ecosystem. Lenovo partners/customers will have access to a range of products developed specifically for the edTech market.

In summary, VR will continue to grow in other areas such as gaming market, however the education sector will be right at the forefront of developing into this technology

Mr. Issam Cheride, Relationship Sales Manager, Lenovo – UAE

16.05 – 16.45 
VR Educator Showcase:

Mr. Steve Bambury, Head of Digital Learning & Innovation, JESS Dubai - UAE 
Ms. Paola Paulino, President, VR/AR Association – Shenzhen, Director of Immersive Technology Education, ISNS IB Continuum School - China
Ms. Jai Sportun, VR/AR Association - China

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Mr. Steve Bambury, Head of Digital Learning and Innovation, JESS Dubai - UAE

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