Digital Learning Environments | Bett Middle East & Africa 2019

Digital Learning Environments

22 - 23 April 2019

ADNEC, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Digital Learning Environments

11:30 - 12:30 | Tuesday 24 April
| Higher & Vocational Education Stream
  • Higher & Vocational Education, Innovation, Technology

In these sessions we will examine how digital learning is evolving inside and outside of the classroom. 
Firstly, how MOOCs are allowing for a greater democratisation of knowledge – where students can turn any room into a classroom and secondly, how institutions are cultivating technological learning hubs. We will also explore the benefits of leveraging data from digital learning to further tailor the curriculum to each student’s needs. 

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09:20 - 10:00 | Tuesday 24 April
Roundtable Stream

Discussion points to include:

1. Across the board: How to embed innovation throughout the whole curriculum whilst staying within budget?
2. Global examples: What can we learn from countries paving the way in innovation, like the UAE? How can we emulate their success?
3. Low cost creativity: How to set up basic makerspaces to inspire students to be creative, imaginative and innovative 

Chair: Dr. Attaullah Wahidyar, Senior Advisor, Ministry of Education – Afghanistan.
Professor Martin Spraggon, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government - UAE 
Dr. Neelam Parmar, Director of E-Learning, Ashford School - UK
Lt. Gen. Surendra Kulkarni, Principal, Mayo College - India

Dr. Attaullah Wahidyar

Professor Martin Spraggon

Dr. Neelam Parmar

Lt. Gen. Surendra Kulkarni

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