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Today’s children are more engaged with the online world than ever before, developing a greater bank of digital literacy skills than their parents and teachers. In order to make sure students are using the online world safely and effectively, both parents and teachers must be kept informed of the latest developments in online safeguarding and digital wellbeing.

Theme Objectives:

  • Develop a whole school approach to student wellbeing with a focus on cyberbullying and peer-to-peer support
  • Prioritise staff wellbeing and teacher retention by reducing workload and sharing best practice for resilience
  • Foster essential strategies such as digital citizenship, whole school safeguarding culture and understanding the uses of online software to help protect your school
Jan 27 | 2021

Discover how we can help your students and teachers stay safe and continue learning

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, it’s causing uncertainties for everyone. You and your staff are facing unprecedented disruption and working hard to keep your school open and Covid-secure and deliver remote lessons to students studying at home.
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Jan 26 | 2021

4 wellbeing tips for communicating with remote staff

With many staff again in isolation, school leaders need to make sure their communications don’t create unnecessary stress. Columnist Jo Steer explains how
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Nov 16 | 2020

How to embed wellbeing throughout your school

The events of the past year have put the wellbeing of students and staff into sharp focus, and rightly so. When international schools closed their doors this year, although teaching continued, the day-to-day interactions of the physical classroom were lost, and the whole school community was stripped of a vital support network. 
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Nov 09 | 2020

44% of staff feel their work-life balance is sustainable

According to Tes’ recent Staff Wellbeing Report, 44% of staff believe their current work-life balance is sustainable. With 35% feeling they have enough time to do their job effectively. 
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