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About Bett

Creating a better future by transforming education

Through a series of world class events, Bett Global brings the latest, most innovative products, services and insight to the global education community. Bett Global embraces ideas that will inspire the future of education technology and the solutions that will make huge advancement possible.

At the Bett events across the globe, educators, tech experts, government officials and entrepreneurs come together to celebrate, find inspiration and discuss the future of education, as well as the role technology and innovation plays in enabling all educators and learners to thrive.

Our mission and brand values

At Bett we believe in creating a better future by transforming education. Our mission is to bring together people, ideas, practices and technologies so that educators and learners can fulfil their potential.\

Worthy of investment. Our job is to deliver stand out experiences that enrich the global education community.

Bett is open. We believe everyone has a role to play in transforming education and our role is to ensure they have the opportunity to do so.

Game Changing
We believe everyone has the potential to make a difference in education. We are passionate about discovering, elevating and amplifying these game changers

Other events in the Bett series

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