Dr. May G. Alobaidy

Dr. May G. Alobaidy

Senior Advisor to Minister Center for Strategic & International Partnerships and Initiatives , Ministry of Education Saudi Arabia, KSA

Dr. May G. Alobaidy is a highly regarded educational expert. She is currently the Senior Advisor to the Minister of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She has been a senior advisor to three successive ministers and the first Saudi female vice Minister. She has also occupied the position of the Head of Strategic and International Partnerships and Initiatives center.

Dr. may is one of the founders of the  Education and Training Evaluation commission where she was appointed as vice governor for planning and development, in addition to her many positions as Deputy Governor for External Relations and International corporation (ERIC) and Deputy Governor for Research and Development(R&D), where she established both sectors.  She holds a PhD from the United Kingdom in Business Management and Health Care Administration. She received her Master’s degree from the United States of America and a second MA degree from France in Management and Strategic Planning. She is also a Harvard Business School Alumni.

Dr. May is an expert in strategic planning and health care management. She has a professional history in education and health care management and development. In addition to a unique background and expertise in Management and Leadership, strategic planning, project management, International Educational systems and reform, policy-making, International Education Benchmarking, Evaluation and assessment, Research and Development.

Dr. May Alobaidy has worked with many International Organizations such as the United Nations and the OECD, including the UNESCO, WHO and the World Bank. Recently she led a vital Leadership professional development program, especially designed for the training of all fourty-seven Saudi Regional Directors from all over the Kingdom at Harvard University/Kennedy School Executive Education.  In addition to introducing and implementing International Educational Systems Evaluation Tests such as PISA and TALIS in the Saudi education system. She is currently leading many projects with the World Bank.