The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is driving millions of new jobs and opportunities, meaning that we have little visibility into students’ career projections. In response to this, many education providers are prioritising entrepreneurial learning and developing partnerships with industries at an earlier stage of education.

Theme Objectives:

  • Discover how you can leverage these partnerships to ensure that your students develop an aptitude for lifelong learning and resilience at Bett MEA
  • Ensure that all learners develop the future skills to drive sustainable development across the region
  • Prioritise entrepreneurial learning and develop partnerships with industries at an earlier stage of education in order to help students adapt to the ever-changing international job market


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May 22 | 2020

When the masks come off... A discussion on the future models of education

Written by the team at Teacherly. Follow them @teamteacherly
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May 07 | 2020

Flipping failure: 3 ways technology gets it right when learners get it wrong

Build confidence and resilience in students by employing techniques that show the progress they are making as individuals. After all, there’s no better position to travel in than the driving seat.
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May 01 | 2020

The Long Read: Global Edtech Landscape - The Next Generation Learning Lifecycle

Analysing the Next Generation Learning Lifecycle: Create, Manage, Discover, Connect, Experience, Learn, Credential, Advance
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Apr 14 | 2020

Bett’s Global Education Council: A Manifesto for the Future of Education

At Bett in January 2020 the Global Education Council came together on stage for the first time, sharing their vision and manifesto for the future of education. In this article we highlight their key messages.
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Mar 12 | 2019

5Th Annual Bett Asia Event Highlights The Next Frontier In Education Technology

2-day Leadership Summit and Expo features expert dialogues, innovative EdTech solutions, and training sessions led by Worldwide Partner Microsoft and Lead Sponsor Lenovo
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Nov 13 | 2018

21st Century Skills and Knowledge CPD Webinar

21st Century Skills and Knowledge CPD Webinar
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