Bett Themes for 2020

Bett MEA provides an innovative platform for the education community

After hearing from a diverse range of education stakeholders about their individual and shared challenges across the region, we have determined six new themes that will frame the conference sessions for Bett MEA 2020. Mapped from our global 2020 themes, these topics will ensure that every learner and educator can find the sessions relevant to their role and truly benefit from this year’s content programme.


  • Ensuring an exceptional teacher CPD provision
  • Effectively integrating technology into your classrooms
  • Building relationships between education communities, businesses and governments




  • Developing a whole school approach to student wellbeing
  • Prioritising staff wellbeing and teacher retention
  • Fostering a whole school safeguarding culture



Innovation in Teaching & Learning

  • Exploring best practice to ensure impact, efficacy and use of technology
  • Creating a community of educators in order to exchange best practice techniques
  • Sharing solutions that are both pedagogically and evidence-led





  • Exploring the role assistive technologies play in the identification of learning needs
  • Sharing success stories across the global education community
  • Accessing education for socially and economically disadvantaged groups



E-Learning & Blended Learning

  • Creating a learning model that can adapt to changes in the global economy
  • Improving approaches to distance learning and offline learning
  • Maintaining engagement in the student population




  • Ensuring that your students develop an aptitude for lifelong learning and resilience
  • Developing the future skills to drive sustainable development across the region
  • Prioritising entrepreneurial learning and developing partnerships with industries

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