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These are unprecedented times with millions of educators and students from early years right through until university delivering lessons remotely. Schools and institutions are facing new challenges, but the education community remains resilient and committed to delivering high quality teaching and learning. Across the world educators and learners are pulling together to share ideas on best practice for remote learning and form a network of support for educators, learners and families during this unpredictable time.

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Adjusting to the new way of teaching and learning can be difficult so we have curated a selection of FREE resources from the EdTech community to support you. 



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Useful Reading

No New Normal – Debunking COVID-19 Myths in Higher Education

Hugh Martin, Registrar and Chief Administrative Officer at the British University in Dubai, explains why we should stop using the phrase ‘the new normal’ and stay optimistic about the future of the HE sector.

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HP launches ‘Innovation Garage’ as part of mission to increase education standards globally.

In a world that is becoming more technological, the need to equip younger generations with the skills to drive innovation in technology has never been greater.

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Key insights about learning online

The Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation for Education share insights gathered from over 700 of their scholars, highlighting their unique experiences and challenges faced during the current shifts in education.

Written by Rawan Yasmin, Head of Scholarship Programs (AGFE) and Emma Fleming, Education Program Officer(AGFE)

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Three months later: What educators have learned from remote learning prepares them for the new school year

Over the past several months, how we teach and how we learn has been flipped upside down. With this transition, it has become clear that it’s more important than ever to help educators find ways to connect with students and keep them engaged, motivated, and safe in a digital world. 

Written by Barbara Holzapfel, GM Education

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Reimagining Special Education in the Classroom & Online

Educators today are expected to constantly evolve. This is even more apparent in a time when we are asked to undertake the enormous (sometimes overwhelming) task of moving all of the learning from the classroom to a virtual environment.

Written by Karissa Hultgren and Philip Bowman for the Mario Framework

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Supporting EAL learners, in school and at home

The English language is tough and continually evolving, with about 1,000 new words coming into use every year. It is also one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, which inevitably makes it an incredibly useful language to learn.

Written by FlashAcademy

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The Long Read: Education Pandemic

In response to the learning curve presented by 2020, Stephen Cox applies his own experience within the healthcare industry to the education sector in order to make sense of the future.

Written by Stephen Cox, Chief Education Officer, New Nordic School

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Celebrate with us during Global Learning Week this June 22-26

Microsoft is assembling educators, partners, and students to host Global Learning Week, a free, event on Facebook. It will be available both as live sessions each day as well as through on-demand segments available to educators to watch as they’re able

Written by Microsoft Education Team

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An Update from the Bett MEA Advisory Board

We caught up with our network of educators, experts and thought-leaders across the MEA region to see what has changed in the education sector over the past few months.

Written by Elle Monaghan, Content Producer for Bett

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