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These are unprecedented times with millions of educators and students from early years right through until university delivering lessons remotely. Schools and institutions are facing new challenges, but the education community remains resilient and committed to delivering high quality teaching and learning. Across the world educators and learners are pulling together to share ideas on best practice for remote learning and form a network of support for educators, learners and families during this unpredictable time.

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Adjusting to the new way of teaching and learning can be difficult so we have curated a selection of FREE resources from the EdTech community to support you. 



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Within a matter of a days, the global education community has become virtual, posing a series of challenges and opportunities for educators worldwide. Missed out on the broadcast, or just want to watch it again? Re-watch it on Bett's YouTube channel here!


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Stories to tell – 12 tips to make storytelling an adventure again

The lockdown has brought an unforeseen challenge - how to entertain children when leaving the house is not an option. Here are 12 tips to engage kids simply by varying how we tell stories.

Written by Zsuzsanna Papp, psychologist and mother of three, for the BOOKR Class blog @BOOKR_Kids

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The rise of AI and robots – how do we start learning?

Robot pickers in a warehouse in the United States, UV disinfecting robots in Singapore malls – the unprecedented Covid-19 crisis has seen the increasing dominance of artificial intelligence (AI) and robots.

By Jerry Tan, Managing Director, Lattel Robotics

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A Case Study in Distance Education

Prof Francis William Petersen takes us through his university’s approach to distance learning.

By Prof Francis William Petersen at the University of the Free State, @UFSweb

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Spotlight on Estonia

Take a look at how Estonia are coping in the current climate and how they are making their education stand out

By Kristel Mositus, Estonia Government (Education)

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Providing wellbeing support, reducing the impact and making a difference

How do we ensure that students have access to authentic and evidence-based digital sources of information and support?

By Pete Quinn, Guest Lecturer, Education University of Hong Kong @peteqconsult

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Best Practice for Long Distance Reading Instruction

As personal interaction with students is curtailed, it is critical that educators enact strategies that compensate for the interactivity of the classroom

By Miguel Melendez and Brian Knuth from Scholastic

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The steep learning curve of remote learning

Lessons from the first weeks of remote learning from a school in the UAE

By Vikki Hawkins, Primary Computing and Ed Tech Leader at a school in the UAE

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When the masks come off... A discussion on the future models of education.

Across the world, a total of 1.5 billion students are no longer able to physically go to school.

By the team at Teacherly. Follow them @teamteacherly

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Disrupting the education paradigm

Microsoft shares the key points from their recent Virtual Education Transformation Summit

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