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In 2020, the education sector experienced a radical overhaul of traditional approaches to teaching and learning. Our dedicated community of educators and innovators are keen to share their perspectives on the future of education on a global scale. The Bett Community Hub draws their expertise together to present solutions, case studies and strategies as we collectively work towards providing inclusive and quality education for everyone. After all, learning never stops!

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Podcast #5 - What Matters in EdTech - Skills

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In this episode we look at the fall-out of COVID-19 for skills. Which skills are in demand, and how are people reskilling? How did key workers in the pandemic train for this moment and how can adaptability and resilience be developed from an early-age? What changes in assessment and qualifications will we see in reaction to our societal needs? Plus, as always, some great book recommendations and the usual anecdotes, allegories and insights.

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Spotlight on Invest Northern Ireland: Opportunities within the MEA EdTech market

The Bett MEA team brought together Invest Northern Ireland, Brighton College International Schools (Dubai), the Northern Ireland EdTech Collaborative Network to explore the MEA EdTech market.

Written by Emily Colyer, Content Producer, Bett

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Never mind jobs of the future there is an employment crisis for today's graduates

Career Services must be reimagined to become more strategic, data-informed, dynamic, and insightful to give students and parents the appropriate guidance and support needed to pivot and navigate through today's employment challenges.

Cameron Mirza, Director, Global Careers Accelerators and Advisory Board Member for Bett MEA

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Augmenting Education

Paul Hamilton explores what a learning environment could look like in the future with the help of augmented reality.

Paul Hamilton, Technology Trainer App and Creativity Wizard, Using Technology Better

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