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In 2020, the education sector experienced a radical overhaul of traditional approaches to teaching and learning. Our dedicated community of educators and innovators are keen to share their perspectives on the future of education on a global scale. The Bett Community Hub draws their expertise together to present solutions, case studies and strategies as we collectively work towards providing inclusive and quality education for everyone. After all, learning never stops!

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The GEC Manifesto for Education in Practice: Shared challenges, shared solutions

A unity of purpose is necessary to ensure access to high quality education for all – particularly for learners in peril who lack physical safety and/or emotional wellbeing.

Written by Mark Sparvell, Director of Education Marketing, Microsoft

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Unfettering the Curriculum: Liberating Curiosity

Brendan Law puts forward the case for shifting the curriculum towards an approach that appraises emotional and social development alongside intellectual progress.

Written by Brendan Law, Director General, Misk Schools Riyadh

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The GEC Manifesto for Education in Practice: Prof Dr Ger Graus OBE

Global radical transformation in education is possible and it starts with the belief that everyone has the potential to learn.

Written by Prof Dr Ger Graus OBE, KidZania

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