1.  Who/what do you want to see at Bett Middle East 2017?

I am looking forward to meet, learn and exchange knowledge with education innovators, players and decision makers across the region. The goal is to learn what everyone is doing and share opportunitiesavailable in the education space.

2.  What do you see as the biggest opportunities when it comes to igniting excitement in education or boosting motivation (student and/or educator perspective)? 

For students, nothing beats showing value in a practical form such as job opportunities or advancement in knowledge and skills required to survive in our economy today and future. For educators, bringing technology forward to demonstrate newer and easier ways of obtaining information as a form of knowledge for the students, and also support from the industries on filling the academic gap required to fulfil business needs.
Who or what inspires you in education?Prophet Muhammad PBUH inspires me in education, for his lessons continue to impact the lives of many in this world. 

3.  How can social media be used to engage student learning?

By incorporating lessons and/or discussions via social media as opposed to traditional tools, the level of participation would increase due to interest and familiarity of the social media networks on their day to day use. Today almost everyone is using social media, tomorrow everyone will be using it. Thus, bringing education closer to students via social media is definitely a value addition and a way togo.

4.  Why do you think it’s important for schools to think education first, rather than tech?

Tech is a tool, tech is a medium, and tech requires knowledge; on the other hand, education is the mother of all knowledge.

5.  Why is Bett Middle East so important for educational transformation in the MENA region?

Bett ME is the hub that brings together leading educational leaders and practitioners under one roof across the region to discuss, learn, exchange and influence decision that would transform education profoundly.

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