VB-photo,-April-2015.jpgWhy are you looking forward to Bett MEA 2019?

Bett MEA 2019 provides an ideal venue for knowledge sharing, novel idea generation, and networking with like-minded individuals who are interested in building an innovative and sustainable educational ecosystem.

Who/what do you want to see at Bett MEA 2019?

Educators, industry experts, practitioners and IT specialists (to boost the usage of technology in teaching and learning); lots of discussions, innovative presentations, and constructive debates about ways to enhance the learning experience of students and on the role of institutions in preparing students to do better.

What should participants expect to hear in your session / what topics will you cover?

The topic of my presentation and its brief description appear below:

“In the era of disruptive change and innovation: Leadership requirements for a successful educational ecosystem”

Technological advancements and breakthroughs are quickly reconfiguring industrial boundaries and landscapes, altering the traditional ways of acting, thinking, and behaving. In the era of disruptive change and borderless economy, espousing an ecosystem mentality to adopt innovative models of education represents one of the most critical challenges facing the leaders of educational institutions today. This session is located at the crossroads of three closely interrelated topics that pertain to organizational change, innovation management, and leadership skills. The emphasis is placed on leadership imperatives that may allow decision makers to face the extant challenges of innovation and successfully implement change in educational settings.

Why do you think global collaboration is so important in education?

Nowadays, the world of education is evolving rapidly, embracing topical trends and challenging realities that transcend not only industrial but also national and regional boundaries. In a continuous effort of building a sustainable educational ecosystem, stakeholders from all over the world need to keep a united front when deploying their share of effort for achieving this ambitious outcome.

Who or what inspires you in education?

What inspires me in education is the success of my peers in conceptualizing and delivering innovative learning experiences to students and the ensuing success of graduated students in building a worthwhile professional career.

Why is Bett MEA so important for educational transformation in the region?

Bett MEA is critically important for educational transformation in the region, because it brings together scholars, industry activists, governmental officials, and decision makers who can collectively influence the future transformation of the industry to meet the challenges of the continuously changing world.    

How does the world deal with the need for more teachers and new approaches to learning?

In this specific regard, I think the world is dealing with the need for more teachers and new approaches to learning by shifting the responsibility to the learner. Nowadays, everybody is responsible for embracing a proactive attitude towards learning which ought to be conceived as a lifelong experience.

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