1.  Who/what do you want to see at Bett Middle East 2017?

At the Bett Middle East 2017 conference, I am looking forward to attending the Leadership Summit, as well as, insightful panel discussions. I find it is most beneficial to gain additional insight on what others may be doing in our industry by hearing the success stories and strategies of my peers - furthering my excitement for the work we do.  
2.  What do you see as the biggest opportunities when it comes to igniting excitement in education or boosting motivation (student and/or educator perspective)?

The biggest opportunity to incite motivation in education may stem from the use of crowd sourcing ideas. In doing this, a group of talented educators may develop “can do” attitudes, alongside “it can be done” epiphanies.  As the schools in this region face many challenges as they strive to reach government requirements, hearing the experience of others may encourage educators to know they too can achieve success in their schools. In addition to, crowd sourcing allows for constructive critique and feedback, removing the idea of isolated work and ideas, while providing the space for collaboration and networking.
3.  Who or what inspires you in education?

I am most inspired by my desire to enact change in the life of other individuals and my mother’s continuous stress of education. As an adolescent in America’s inner city, I was not always aware of the benefits a solid education could provide. However, as I gained additional knowledge and wisdom understood my mother’s persuasive efforts for education, were right. The more education one obtains, the more opportunities they may be afforded in their future.
4.  How can social media be used to engage student learning?

By first acknowledging social media as a pivotal part of the lives of our students, we are able to move towards its utilization in spaces of learning. Social media can be used in various ways to engage student learning. For example, social media can be used to allow students to perform interactive activities, access lesson introductions (as they would in a flip classroom model), or allow for students to engage in international conversations with programs such as “Global Scholar”.
5.  Why do you think it’s important for schools to think education first, rather than tech?

Technology is only as useful as the operator, and should be utilized primarily as a tool. If the school prioritizes education first, then it will allow for the facilitation of critical thinking and problem solving skills. In providing these skills and assets first, students are provided the ability needed to effectively utilize technology. 

6.  Why is Bett Middle East so important for educational transformation in the MENA region?

In following the mission of Bett Middle East, this conference is important because it provides an opportunity for educators to come together to share ideas, practices, and technology. Furthermore learning about the education in the region allows for the Brett Middle East’s “Game Changing” value to be enacted.

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