HP Inc. in collaboration with Intel launches ‘Classroom of the Future’

In response to the sudden shift in home learning, HP have collaborated with Intel to launch a new classroom learning solution; ‘Classroom of the Future’. 

By Mayank Dhingra, Senior Education Business Leader - Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe at HP Inc. 

With the sudden shift to at-home learning, technology and digital tools are no longer just one component of learning, but have become crucial to students’ ongoing development, connecting teachers with their pupils, pupils with each other, and to resources and learning materials. In response to this, we have collaborated with Intel to launch a new classroom learning solution; ‘Classroom of the Future’. 

The programme, which will provide integrated solutions for education providers, consisting of our PC hardware and a suite of digital pedagogy enabling software, is part of the company’s drive to enable better learning outcomes for 100 million people globally by 2025. Classroom of the Future will help drive access to quality education, using technology to shape learning environments and enable better digital pedagogy outcomes in the new era of blended learning driven by COVID 19. 

The Classroom of the Future aims to shape future leaders by bringing interactive, integrated, flexible solutions to the classroom. The programme’s central features have been designed with current challenges in mind, for example:

  • Digital Learning Environments for Students: Increased remote learning has exposed the shortcomings of current market for online education. Teachers must now have the resources to track student progress in real time, monitor student activities and evaluate individual and group performances. In order to help teachers create effective digital learning environments, we’ve included the ‘Classroom Manager’ in this programme which you can read more about it here.
  • Maintaining Student Engagement: One of the most comment challenges emerging in 2020 has been keeping students engaged when conducting learning outside the classroom. Particularly for young students, it can be difficult to hold focus for long periods of time and learning outcomes have suffered as a result. In building the Classroom of the Future, we’ve partnered with Classera, a leader in virtual education, to provide learning software which will engage young students through an interactive and digitized learning environment.
  • Maximising Device Performance: As well as considering pedagogical challenges, schools and universities have also met with several logistical roadblocks. We’ve therefore included ‘TechPulse’ in our Classroom of the Future; a diagnostics tool that is used for predictive analytics for IT support, management, security, and planning. TechPulse is designed to maximize device performance, ensure security compliance, and optimize device allocation so that students and teachers can get the most out of their HP hardware.

Download HP's eBook on the K-12 Classroom of the Future


Download HP's eBook on the Classroom of the Future in Higher Education


For the last few years, blended learning strategies have been recognized for optimizing interaction between classroom stakeholders, promoting effective learning by combining the best features of physical and online education. With schools and universities opening in September, more and more educational institutions are moving towards blended learning as they adopt a hybrid model with online and on-campus elements for the next academic year.

Educators across the globe are under immense pressure to quickly pivot the way they teach, as they transition to online learning models. Not only do they need the right devices, they need expert guidance on all aspects of the move to digital learning – from IT consultancy, to digital learning courses, and more. While blended learning has been discussed for some time, the role technology plays in education has never been more pertinent than it is today.

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