EdTech in the Middle East & Africa: The 2020 Landscape

Bett MEA will take place in September 2020 – in a new city!

Join us in Dubai to meet the leading decision makers and buyers within the education technology space from across the Middle East and Africa. 

In anticipation of the event, here are some of the market insights, plans and trends predicted for the year ahead.

The big topics in Education Technology in the Middle East & Africa

Digital safeguarding & child protection

Today’s children are more engaged with the online world than ever before, developing a greater bank of digital literacy skills than their parents and teachers. In order to make sure students are using the online world safely and effectively, both parents and teachers must be kept informed of the latest developments in online safeguarding.

Join us to review the features of essential strategies such as digital citizenship, whole school safeguarding culture and utilising online software to help protect your school.

Digital strategies & making informed decisions to ensure high quality content

How can schools effectively utilise EdTech to achieve learning outcomes in the classroom? With an oversaturated market of education products and services, education providers must ensure that they are making savvy decisions when choosing where to put their money. 

Bett MEA 2020 will showcase the leading-edge suppliers in the industry and arm you with the tools to distinguish which products to use when integrating technology into your curriculum.

Teacher training & development

One of the key focuses for schools and higher education providers across the Middle East and Africa is ensuring the consistent and regular development of their staff. In particular, teachers must have access to exceptional CPD to ensure that they can adapt to changing technology in the classroom and deliver the greatest impact to students. 

Our content programme this year will explore best practices in supporting your staff to develop, grow and succeed.

Global community of learners

The rapid globalisation of today’s culture, society and economy demands that 21st century learners become true global citizens. In order to achieve this, education providers have an integral role to play in fostering the essential values and skills required to drive the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

We’ll be exploring how you can create a global community of learners in your classroom through encouraging sustainable values, inclusive and tolerant thinking, intercultural competencies and collaborative learning.

Work experience & future skills

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is driving millions of new jobs and opportunities, meaning that we have little visibility into current students’ career projections. In response to this, many education providers are prioritising entrepreneurial learning and developing partnerships with industries at an earlier stage of education. 

Discover how you can leverage these partnerships to ensure that your students develop an aptitude for lifelong learning and resilience at Bett MEA.

Effective provisions for SEND & people of determination

Education providers must work towards a more inclusive practice by utilising assistive technologies in the classroom. By thinking about the role EdTech plays in the identification of learning needs and providing personalised learning for SEND students, teachers can be confident in providing the right access and support systems. 

We’ll be discussing the best ways to help boost send and inclusion in your institution throughout our content programme.

What’s new for Bett MEA 2020?

This year, Bett MEA promises greater presence from high level government officials, plus more networking opportunities with those transforming the EdTech industry.

More interactive workshops will provide an opportunity to showcase and experiment with the technology leading change in education across the whole region, while content sessions by senior education leaders will address the challenges and opportunities faced by the industry.
Technology is transforming the future of education; join us at Bett MEA in September 2020 to be part of the change!
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